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Our Testimonials

Ordered a twin mattress and basic frame for a boy’s bedroom. Dana was very helpful and advised us on exactly what we needed. The delivery guy, Alex, was on time and very professional. Not only did he have to maneuver his truck around an arsenal of other work trucks and bumper to bumper high school student vehicles, he trekked the frame, box spring and mattress uphill through a mess of a yard strewn with dirt, plants, boulders, and flagstone!

Would definitely recommend Newport Bedding!

Carrie O. - San Clemente, CA, 04/19/2016

Exceptional service, exceptional product, exceptional business. From the minute Dana answered the phone, I felt comfortable. As a salesman, he was friendly, polite, available and informative. He explained to me that Newport Bedding was a family owned business, locally owned and operated, and in Orange County since 1978. I like this because family owned businesses usually have more invested, care more, and value their customers.

Navigating the world of mattresses is insane. Consumers Reports says it is one of the most important purchases we make and one of the most difficult. It is important because we spend hours sleeping, the construction of the mattress can harm our back, neck, shoulders, spine, etc. and if we are not refreshed on waking, the whole next day is miserable. It is a difficult purchase because mattresses and pieces of them are constructed all over the world, rebounded, labeled by various names and it is almost impossible to know what is inside. For these reasons, I chose a local business with a strong reputation, quality service, and personal attention.

I have a lot of allergies and I did not want stinky chemicals from China that would be next to my skin and that I would be breathing for 8 hours every day. I need firm back support. So, I described to Dana what I needed and he gave me several options in all price ranges. There was no aggressive sales pitch or pressure to buy a "new" model. Rather, attention to my needs and price range.

I opted for a locally built custom model, double sided mattress. They built and shipped and set it up within a week. They also took away my old bed. Newport Bedding was friendly, helpful, and prompt. Not only am I sleeping well with good back support but I have the peace of mind knowing that all the materials and labor were from the U.S. And, my dollars went back to support friends and neighbors in my local economy.

Jann G. - Irvine, CA, 04/02/2016

Newport Bedding has been my "go to" mattress store for over 12 years. They are so helpful and informative when it comes to selecting something SO important as to the quality and comfort of our own bed! Steve gave me his undivided attention when it came to trying out different mattresses, so I could personally select my favorite. I highly recommend them!

Pam M. - Georgetown, Washington, DC, 11/21/2015

My first thought is how wonderful it is to buy made in Costa Mesa! I never knew that was possible with a mattress. Tom and his crew were nothing short of wonderful to us. We can't wait to get our mattress! Thank you guys for the great experience.

Gina G. - Costa Mesa, CA, 09/06/2015

Newport Bedding saved the day when we needed a bunky board for support for a college apartment full size bed set up! They were helpful, had the item assembled and in stock! To top it off, they delivered to my home so we could get it to Los Angeles. The sales person was helpful and knowledgeable.

Susan F. - Newport Beach, CA, 08/15/2015

We had a wonderful experience with Newport Bedding and Tom Sceberras. We were immediately drawn to this place for its history: a family-owned and operated business that has been around for 3 generations. It's nice to know that an expensive investment is benefiting a local business instead of a corporate company that would gauge us for every penny we had in the bank. The difference in service here vs. one of the larger chain stores we have tried is incredible. Tom was an honest and knowledgeable salesman and he didn't push us towards the most expensive memory foam ultra-deluxe crazy expensive bed. He truly listened to what we wanted and we ended up getting a mattress that they make there in their factory. We chose an über luxurious hybrid inner spring and latex bed with incredible support. We left the store with an amazing deal and everything we needed as we were upgrading from a queen to a king. Couldn't be happier! Thank you Newport Bedding!!

Kaitlen F., 01/23/2016

Thank you to Tom and The Alex's
We love both beds. Your time and patience was a gift to getting adjusted to our new home. The delivery was on time. The guys had to bring the beds over the patio on the second floor.
Amazing !!! Can't say enough about this wonderful store.

Maryann F. - Randolph, NJ, 09/06/2015

Bob and I want to THANK Tom, Gloria, and Dave at Newport Bedding!!! This was our second purchase from them. Our first was a custom-made king size mattress for an antique bed that was in our family. Tom, the owner, came to our house to get the measurements and then showed us the mattress choices. That first mattress lasted 25 years and was still in good shape, but it was time to 'graduate' to a CAL King.

We did our due diligence and checked other stores, but returned to Newport Bedding. Their expertise and friendly service helped us make the right decision for us. The mattress was delivered a few days later and we have been having the BEST NIGHT'S SLEEP EVER!! Given the new organic materials that are available and the traditional mattress making techniques, Newport Bedding produces an AMAZING product at a very fair price....especially considering their mattresses will last for 20 years. Please DO FOLLOW their maintenance plan for double-sided mattresses because that is why the mattresses last so long!

Again THANK YOU, Tom and Gloria, for a Wonderful Mattress!! We appreciate shopping at a Family Owned Business which has been opened since the late 1950's. It is obvious that the attention to detail and customer service is the reason for the family's success. Congratulations!

MaryAnn, Tom Cam D. - Huntington Beach, CA, 08/24/2015

After 15+years, it was time to buy another bed and we returned to Newport Bedding. Same excellent product and same outstanding service. Staff helped us purchase the right bed for our needs and we are very happy with our choice. We highly recommend this company!

Chris W. - Newport Beach, CA, 03/29/2016

After going to several mattress stores unsatisfied, I went into Newport Bedding and walked out in no time with the perfect mattress. It's a no stress sales environment and you know you're getting the best price available.

Geoff R. - Denver, CO, 05/09/2015

Alex was very helpful in educating my wife and I on the different types of mattresses out there. He was very helpful in showing up how each one felt and the benefits and drawbacks of each type of mattress. After spending about an hour or so trying to figure out the best mattress, we finally found the one we wanted. It turned out to be one of their custom made mattresses made in-house. We are glad to have stopped by Newport Bedding.

Aaron P. - Walnut, CA, 06/26/2015

Had to special order a mattress for an antique bed.. Looked and looked for a mattress company that did special orders and Newport Bedding is the only company in town that does. I will have to say that I was extremely pleased with the customer service that Tom and Alex gave me; they were wonderful, wonderful. Aside from the great customer service, the quality of their product is top-notch! I am so pleased with the mattress they custom-built for my bed. The bedding is top-of-the-line and made from sustainable, organic materials, which is important to me (eco-friendly). Quality of product - 10 stars; customer service - 10 stars; delivery as promised - 10 stars. I highly recommend this I am a huge fan and will never go anywhere else! Worth every penny and then some! Very reasonable pricing for the quality and craftsmanship.

Melissa D. - Yorba Linda, CA, 12/16/2014

We highly recommend Newport Bedding for their great customer service and finely crafted bedding. After 18 years on our first Newport Bedding mattress, we decided to treat ourselves to a new one. I didn't think it was possible, but our new mattress is even more comfortable than our first! And knowing that the mattresses are made from organic materials gives us even more reasons for a blissful night's sleep!

It has been a great experience with Newport Bedding. We want to thank Tom, Alex, and Gloria and hope you will still be there in another 18 years!

Henry S. - Newport Beach, CA, 07/31/2015

Went in and Tom and Alex helped me out wonderfully! Newport bedding is hands down the best mattress company I could ever dream of.

They are a family owned small business and do everything they can to provide top notch service to their customers! Nothing but the best. And if you are in the service or have been in the service this is the place to go! Not only do they fly the flag over the building but they respect the men and women who protect this country.

If you need a mattress I promise you that Tom will make sure you get the best mattress that fits your needs at a great price and not to mention Made in America!

Thanks Tom... All the best!!!!

James F. - Costa Mesa, CA, 07/25/2014

New into town, I needed a bed immediately. Alex was nice and very polite as he took care of me throughout the entire process. He did not pressure me into buying anything while explaining the bed-making process. I even left to check out other options but returned the next day. The personalized interaction with him is what made me come back. Delivery was within three hours after the purchase and Alex did everything by himself (even up stairs). I'd recommend Newport Bedding to anyone. And the bed is very comfortable as well!

Neil M. - Newport Beach, CA, 08/23/2015

The time came that I dread almost as much as going to the DMV--mattress shopping... I called Newport Bedding because they are a local, family owned business and cam highly recommended by friends. Gloria was my first point of contact and she was FANTASTIC--very helpful and accommodating, went out of her way to answer all of my questions and made an appointment for us to come in the next day. This is when we had the pleasure of working with Alex. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and stayed late making sure we felt comfortable with our final choices. We ended up buying two mattresses--one for our son...

All in all, working with Newport Bedding has been a very positive experience. I encourage anyone in the market for a mattress, down comforter, pillows, sheets, visit them.

And Tom... Alex is a super employee. Great hire--take care of him because he definitely takes care of you!

Patti P. - Newport Beach, CA

Thank you Newport Bedding and specifically Dana and Tom for their amazing knowledge and outstanding customer service. We recently ordered an ORGANIC mattress and box springs that Newport Bedding started carrying this year by Grun Komfort, a German Manufacturer. I had been looking for something that was "all natural" and made without any toxic materials and this product hit the mark. The mattress cover zips off and is machine washable. The mattress itself is made of organic latex with organic sheep's wool and cotton surrounding the latex layers. Amazing! Newport Bedding also carries other organic accessories by this German company including organic duvets, pillows, and mattress toppers. Check out this awesome product line online at or go see Dana at Newport Bedding to see the products on display. I highly recommend Newport Bedding for all of your mattress needs. They have a variety of products to suit all needs.

Terryn O. - Costa Mesa, CA, 04/18/2016

need a new bed and was planning on going to one of the other mattress stores when someone told me I had to go to Newport Bedding Co. first. Was she ever right!!! The most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. They are more expensive, but when I heard I could have it for 20 years I became a believer.

If you are looking for the best night’s sleep, don't even consider those other stores.

Than you Tom for a great locally made bed.

Adam R. - Costa Mesa, CA, 04/14/2014

Ok, I went into Newport Bedding today, because my daughter has a bed that was made by them 4 years ago. This bed that she has, was brand new and came with our new home that we bought....left by the previous owners. Soooooo, I took a pic of the label on my daughter’s mattress and went to NB. Now, mind you, my husband and I already bought a new mattress less than two years ago and is just KILLING our backs! And we knew we loved my daughter’s bed, because when she goes to a sleepover, my husband and I flip a coin for who gets to sleep in her bed that night! HAHA!

So, we were helped by Tom, the owner. And what a heck of guy he is! Professional, witty, knowledgable, and..........wait for it.............wait for it.....................................HE ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOU AS A CUSTOMER! HE CARES THAT YOU ARE HAPPY AND TELLS YOU THAT HE APPRECIATES YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS! REALLY? In 2014? In Orange County?????? Yes folks! It's true! That good ol' fashioned customer service by the owner and not some slimy Orhto salesman working on commission.

Sure we could have maybe payed less elsewhere but you know what? I love their product! And the quality doesn't compare to the crap elsewhere. We already have one in our home and fight over it! And.....hold up! I forgot to tell you this! They make all their own products and you can flip the mattress! Remember how long mattresses used to last when you could flip them? Now, all those 5 thousand dollar mattresses last half the length of time they used to because the manufacturer can make half the product they used to, charge the same amount, and provide half the longevity. Oh, and since this is how the market is now, they get you back in the door sooner to buy another crappy mattress to start the cycle all over again!


Just go see Tom at Newport Bedding and support those awesome family owned business that care about their customer’s happiness. If they didn't they wouldn't still be in business after 50 plus years in Costa Mesa.

Chyra P. - Costa Mesa, CA, 05/26/2014

I can honestly say, I shopped around for a mattress. I spent many hours trying to find the perfect mattress for me all over Orange County. I have nothing negative to say about the other places I tried, but I have only positive things to say about my experience with Newport Bedding. For almost two months, now, I have been sleeping on the best mattress...especially made for me!! I love it. Alex was great help in the store and with the set up and delivery. I would definitely recommend buying a mattress here.

Karen F. - San Diego, CA, 10/26/2015

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