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Newport Bedding: Hand-Crafted Mattresses in Costa Mesa

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Return to Restful Sleep with Our High-Quality Mattresses

Sleep and restoration are crucial to your wellbeing. Lack of sleep can keep you from making it through the workday awake and alert. A poor mattress can lead to an achy lower back and sore shoulders. It’s time to buy a new mattress when your bed begins to cause pain and disrupt your sleep. Newport Bedding sells high-quality, American-made beds in Costa Mesa. Our customers are consistently amazed by how much a quality mattress contributes to their daily quality of life. Newport Bedding has been making handcrafted, all-American beds since 1978. We’re both a manufacturer and a mattress store. Our line of Newport Bedding will lull you into a restful sleep. We also sell premium products from trusted manufacturers like King Koil and American Star. We’re in the business of improving your sleep, and we’ve got a mattress in our showroom that will do just that.
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Locally-made Mattresses Available Now!

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Sleep on a Cloud with Our Sheets and Pillows

No bed is complete without linens and pillows. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to sheets, duvets, and pillows. Newport Bedding is proud to complement our own line of mattresses with soft bamboo sheets, SnugFleece Woolens, and Gel-Infused Dough® memory foam pillows. We believe your choice of linens and pillows is just as important as the mattress itself.

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We Offer American-Made Custom Beds for RV’s and Yachats

Mattresses aren’t just for houses and apartments. If you have a motor home, boat, or private jet, Newport Bedding can customize an ultra-comfortable bed that fits like a glove. We don’t sacrifice quality when we make a custom bed. The same American-made, two-sided mattresses will be in your mobile unit as is in your bedroom. To learn more, contact us today.

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Newport Bedding

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Newport Bedding Company, Newport Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA, USA