Customization Options for Your Mattress

Newport Bedding Company offers a wide range of fully customizable mattresses and sleep systems. From odd shapes like hearts or rounds to special sizes for antique beds, RVs, yachts or planes we construct almost any mattress to fit your exact specifications. 

To begin this process, come in to our store and select the mattress that best meets your support and comfort needs. Once you have selected the right mattress, we will go over how the mattress is to be customized. For odd sizes and shapes, the process is relatively straight forward. You supply us with the dimensions (i.e. width, length and depth/thickness), and we will provide you with a quote based on these considerations and the mattress you have selected.

For boats and planes you will have to typically leave a deposit and schedule an inspection appointment. One of our master craftsmen will come over and take all the necessary measurements, and will also get a firsthand account of the space in which the mattress is to be installed. From this information we will be able to make a template and provide you with a quote based on these requirements and the mattress you had previously selected.
Financing available on all
products! Visit our store
for details.

We custom build mattresses based on
the needs of our customers.
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