Excellent Building Materials

Master craftsmanship and passion for quality sleep are core elements of every mattress produced by us at Newport Bedding Company. With four generations of mattress manufacturing experience behind us, we understand what “using quality materials” truly means. What it doesn’t mean is incorporating exotic and/or imported materials because they sound good and inflate price. 

What it does mean is incorporating materials which, when used in combination, provide not only unsurpassed support and comfort but also exceptional value for your dollar. Below, are examples of the materials we use throughout the Newport Bedding Company’s mattress collection.

Coil Configurations

The Offset Coil is arguably the best coil used in the bedding industry today. The offsets allow the coils to pivot thereby conforming directly to your body’s individual shape, while the heavy gauge tempered steel provides a support structure with unsurpassed strength and longevity.

Bonnell Coils run a close second. Generally made with slightly smaller gauge tempered steel, this coil provides design and performance similar to the Offset Coil.

Pocketed Coils are excellent for limiting side-to-side motion transfer within the mattress. With that said, the smaller gauge tempered steel must sit on a flat surface. For this very reason, it is only used in single-sided mattresses.

Insulation Materials

Flexolator is used to prevent the other fill upholstery materials from falling into the coil structure.

Enduralator is compressed cotton encased within a fine nylon mesh which is laid in sheets on top of the Flexolator mesh. Essentially it creates a barrier between the steel coil structure and the fluffy flexible batting.

Cotton Batting are hypoallergenic, all natural and unbleached fill layers that are set upon the Enduralator. Because of the “loose” nature of the Enduralator and Cotton Batting, they are secured to the coil structure of the mattress via button tufting creating an internal structure for the mattress with superior support and longevity.
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